The Managing Director with an aim to create and to provide quality outdoor media services, He and co Director formed Paxart Printing Services.Paxart Printing Services was established in early 2007 but was registered in early 2016 in Nairobi. Innovative and creative approach to business clubbed with attributes such as concern, care, commitment, high quality and timely deliveries are largely responsible for the company’s success and trendsetter image which is often followed by others in the industry.

Paxart Printing Services specializes in: Wall branding, Vehicle branding, Signs & Signages, Printing of Promotional items and Printing of Stationery.

Ten years down the line and with over 30 clients, Paxart continues its quest to enhance its excellence in quality services and value optimization for clients within cycle of change.

We believe that people spend most of their life outdoors. There are more people ‘out and about than even before. Longer distances traveled, traffic jams and thus more idle time to look around at branding. It is therefore our core business to helping brand to be scene. Ride around town and observe which signs catch your eye. Note which ones-don’t. Then think the impression each sign gives you. Remember that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Your outdoor sign therefore is often the first thing a potential customer sees, so give this important marketing tool your best efforts.


Our Mission is to provide cost effective marketing services and ensure clients reap maximum satisfaction.



Our Vision is to be the most successful, dependable and focused contractor with trust for quality services.

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