print on demand in nairobi kenya

Print-on-Demand enables a small copy of flyers , Brochures, Funeral programs, magazines, Books, and even letterheads to be printed! Commercial digital printers are sometimes very expensive but now technology has developed to the point that small scale equipment is available.

Paxart Printing Services has come up with an idea of print on demand basis which enables us to respond quickly to local demands. This has made it possible for Kenyan authors to have their books published and printed in a way that would have been unthinkable previously.

Technology has revolutionised the way books and flyers , brother posters can now be printed. off-set printers meant that thousands of copies of a such had to be printed to be economically viable. Large commercial digital printers are expensive to run but now technology has developed to the point that small scale clients can now breath for not having money to do plates and wait for a week for their work to be done.

Print-on-Demand (POD) enables a single copy of a book to be printed! POD technology is what we commonly call digital printing. It doesn’t use plates the way offset does but instead uses options such as toner (like in laser printers) or larger printers that do use liquid ink.

POD shines when lower quantities are needed. It offers an alternative way to bypass the time, investment, and risk associated with managing inventory, letting you go from creating to selling custom products at a fraction of the cost.

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